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I have been writing ever since I could pick up a pen or pencil. Beyond my work as a teacher or theatre artist, the one common thread throughout my life has been my identity as a versatile writer for a variety of purposes and audiences.

My work ranges from the academic to the lyrical, from poetry to plays, from practical to whimsical.

I have been published in multiple professional magazines and journals, as well as having my plays produced throughout the US and Canada. I also was responsible for content creation of educational study guides and marketing verbiage for the Arkansas Repertory Theatre's 2013-2019 production seasons. As a professional dramaturg, I am also skilled at creating program notes for theatre productions that provide insight into text, performance, history, and creative vision.

In my professional corporate life, I have been a formal Communications Specialist for Nokia and also been responsible for crafting Standard Operating Procedures, job aids, process guides, and case management policies for responsible learning management technology strategies and maintenance cycles.

As a creative writer, I strive to explore human life as a series of reveries, often disjointed, patched together with the reality of historical events and personages. I adore magical realism and am seeking ways to incorporate it into my work.

Whether I am writing an absurd metatextual series of linked haiku, a cosmic comic fantasia about Frida Kahlo, a historical drama about WB Yeats, or a musical about the music and legacy of Nina Simone, I attempt to connect mind, heart, body, and soul to capture the complex intersections between the conscious and subconscious that make us fully human.

My chief inspirations for my theatrical writing are Caryl Churchill, José Rivera, Moira Buffini, Thornton Wilder, Federico García Lorca, Samuel Beckett, and Eugène Ionesco.

I am always open to new opportunities for freelance writing opportunities, especially providing assistance for theatrical study guides, dramaturgical notes, marketing, or creative projects.


If you would like to discuss how I might assist you to craft informative and engaging content for your company or program, please send me a message using this Contact Form.

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