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Throughout my career, I have applied my professional writing skills to institutional projects and programs, either as a formal Corporate Communications Specialist for Nokia's North American Community Involvement division or as a learning and development specialist responsible for crafting process guides, Standard Operating Procedures, job aids, and policy documents.

In addition, I have contributed my web design experience to corporate intranet, public-facing internet, and Learning Management System custom pages, as well as designing online resources for theatre companies and personal/professional websites.

As a freelance communications specialist, I have served as a content creator/editor for such clients as BBC Worldwide, Lonely Planet, Gamerang, Arkansas Repertory Theatre, and Tennessee Repertory Theatre, among others.

I possess considerable sensitivity to compliance related to branding guidelines and web accessibility standards and will always work with clients to ensure that we adhere to these specifications.

I am open to opportunities to help you with formal and informal corporate communications needs, whether creating content for web or print or assistance resume and LinkedIn/Indeed counseling, 

If you would like to discuss how I might support your company or personal brand, please send me a message using this Contact Form.

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