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I have been writing plays since I was in high school and am proud to have my work produced in professsional theatres, community theatres, colleges, and universities throughout the US and Canada.

Whether it is a Gen X-flavored adaptation of Ibsen's Peer Gynt, a historical drama about Ireland's most famous poet, a cosmic fantasia featuring Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dalí, and Leon Trotsky, or a musical about the legacy of Nina Simone, I am constantly challenging myself to rethink what is possible onstage.

My work with Caryl Churchill and José Rivera has encouraged me to embrace non-linear narrative and magical realism in the latest phase of my playwriting career.

You will find basic descriptions of my most current plays in the table below. Feel free to reach out by using my Contact Form or by clicking Licensing Details below to request a perusal script or to learn more about performance fees and guidelines.

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Simply Simone:
The Music of
Nina Simone

Co-written with
David Grapes and

Vince di Mura


Throughout his life, Ireland’s national poet W. B. Yeats was as known for his wandering eye as he was for his potent modern verse.


In this lyrical play inspired by real events, aging poet Yeats meets and falls in love with Margot Ruddock, an English poet and actor forty years his junior, during his final tumultuous years.


Unable to resist Margot’s budding talent, wild energy, and her dark eyes, Yeats embarks upon a compelling  latter-day journey of inspiration and desire. Margot becomes both secret lover and unwitting Muse, with tragic consequences.

Cast Breakdown: 3M/2W

Yeats and Margot Vert 1.png
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